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The Avery and Brian Experience

Real Testimonials & Real Experiences

Learn from real people about their experiences with Avery and Brian as motivational speakers for teachers, local guest speakers, motivational speakers for students, and business keynote speakers.  

Kitchen Convos

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For The Fam

Hear from families that have improved their communication and family dynamic after working with fatherson relationship speakers, Avery and Brian. 

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Building Leaders

Learn more about the success and team wins that resulted from hiring motivational speakers Avery and Brian as leadership event speakers and working together in team-building workshops. 

Avery and Brian Baker Book - Love Wins: 5 Keys To Strengthen Your Relationships: A Parent-Child Perspective

A parent and child perspective

Love Wins

Avery and Brian Baker created Love Wins as a roadmap to help you succeed in doing just that. As father and son, they’ve gone from the peril of an unhealthy relationship to speaking together about strengthening relationships. The 5 Keys they outline in Love Wins provides readers with the tools to create, grow, or repair any relationship.