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"They were FABULOUS! Every program needs to hear from them!"
Meghan Crane
Special Services Specialist
Family Resource Agency - Tennessee

All presentations can be delivered both virtually and in-person

Services for Your Families

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5 Keys to Strengthen Your Household

Families work hard to build strong bonds and create a feeling of security. There are five important ways you can help do that within your own family, and for the families you help every day. Avery and Brian can show you how to:
  • Have open conversations
  • Build trust together
  • Set realistic expectations
  • Resolve and manage conflicts
  • Work toward social and emotional intelligence
It’s not always easy to develop extraordinary relationships, especially during difficult times. But Avery and Brian understand how to do it, because they’ve lived it. Coupling personal experience with interactive activities lets them transfer their expertise to you. Then you can take those lessons home to your own family, and offer them to families you work with, too.

The Positive Family Campaign

Your Head Start team works hard to be a collaborative partner with the families you support. And yet, oftentimes it only takes one family to model the way for other families to create healthy, goal-centered households and relationships.
Avery and Brian’s Positive Family Campaign can assist your team with these efforts. The example they provide as father and son is a breath of fresh air for Head Start organizations.
This six-month collaboration with your team includes:
  • 6 Vlogs on household best practices. (Con Español subtítulos)
  • 12 Tuesday Tips. A collection of inspirational affirmations for key family members in a child’s life.    (In English and en Español)
  • 3 Virtual Inspirational Events. (i.e Policy Council or Universal Parent Meetings)
  • 21 touchpoints to assist your family engagement efforts.


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Parenting with Purpose Workshop

Being a parent isn’t always an easy road. But it’s always rewarding and worth it. Avery and Brian understand the science behind parenting, along with the very personal experience it involves. By coupling those two areas together, they address ways parents can bond and interact with their children in purposeful, meaningful ways. Children need a mix of freedom and boundaries, and parents who understand how to balance those areas help set their children up for a healthier, happier life.

Services For Your Team

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The Emotionally Intelligent Workshop

Co-workers often spend more time with each other than they do with their families. Creating a collaborative environment is a critical part of ensuring the value of that time. Managing relationships, and being aware of the needs, goals, and values of others, are great ways to strengthen the work environment.

Avery and Brian have years of experience facilitating workshops and giving keynote presentations. They can help any workplace increase teamwork and improve employee interactions. Areas for your team to consider include:

  • Empathy for others in the workplace
  • Integrity on a team that relies on all its members
  • Positive communication, even in difficult circumstances
  • Interpersonal effectiveness to relate more easily to others
  • Realistic optimism for the tasks at hand and the overall outcome

Teams and workplaces that foster and encourage emotional intelligence are better able to accomplish overarching goals, with a sense of pride and purpose.

Keynote Presentations for Company Retreats, Leadership, and Staff Meetings

If you need a keynote presentation for your company retreat, staff meeting, or leadership seminar, Avery and Brian are here for you. Their father-son dynamic, along with their skills and development as business partners, makes them uniquely qualified to speak to a mix of shared experiences. Companies that help all employees interact with one another and share experiences are companies that see higher levels of success. Booking Avery and Brian for a keynote presentation can help provide that success to your company today.

Avery and Brian at a personal development workshop

In-Kind Services

We believe in giving back to the community where possible, and are proud to offer in-kind services to Head Start partners. Please contact us to learn more.


“This common-sense approach of teaching ways in which to strengthen families was beautifully and respectfully presented by Avery and Brian. The keys they laid out are things I recognize, but often forget to practice. The most profound take-away for me was the importance of one’s own self-awareness. I love these guys!”

- Head Start Conference Attendee

“The stories shared during their presentation had a profound impact on me. The comment made by Avery, “fathers you are your child’s first life coach” is a statement that should be hung in our classrooms to promote male involvement.”

Example Tuesday Tips

Example Tuesday Tips (en Español)