The Avery and Brian Experience

Greetings! We are Avery and Brian Baker, two individuals with a passion for building positive relationships – it is an essential part of our journey. As father and son, as well as business partners, we believe that prosperity in business and success in life is directly connected with how you manage your relationships.

How We Got Here

The Avery and Brian Experience was first imagined in late 2017 as an opportunity to help families develop healthy long-term relationships. It began as a conversation over dinner about helping our local community. Since that time, we’ve spoken to over 15,000  people around the country, given keynote addresses at corporate conferences and college faculty retreats, as well as high school graduation commencement speeches, all while writing our first book.

We look forward to engaging in a conversation to learn more about you and how we can help build bridges of understanding within your community or organization.

Layer 55

Love Wins

A parent and child perspective

Achieving Positive Relationships one interaction At a Time

As father and son, Brian and Avery know firsthand the importance of maintaining strong, healthy relationships. But in a world driven by constant disruption and distraction, relationships can be severely challenged. Together, they deliver insightful and engaging presentations that inspire, empower and guide teams, leaders, and school communities to achieve long lasting professional and personal relationships. The Avery and Brian Experience is truly a unique approach to relationship empowerment.