The Avery and Brian Experience

Greetings! We are Avery and Brian Baker, two dynamic motivational speakers with a passion for building positive relationships – it is an essential part of our journey. As father and son, as well as business partners, we believe that prosperity in business and success in life is directly connected with how you manage your relationships.

How We Got Here

The Avery and Brian Experience was first imagined in early 2018 as an opportunity to help families develop healthy relationships. It began as a conversation over dinner about helping their local community. Since that time, they have spoken to over 20,000 people. 

Their journey as motivational speakers has led them to present keynote addresses at: 

  • Corporate conferences
  • College Faculty Retreats
  • Leadership Events
  • Unified School Districts
  • Commencement Ceremonies
  • Fraternity/sorority conventions

In addition, they are authors of the book Love Wins: 5 Keys to Strengthen Your Relationships – A Parent and Child Perspective. 

Before Avery and Brian began helping people have conversations about that matter, they had their share of obstacles to overcome as father and son. Their story is an example that no matter what happens in your relationship if you’re willing to examine yourself, be adaptable to change, and maintain a positive outlook, things can always get better. 

Avery is a master at the art of relationship building. He has forged meaningful friendships with people from around the globe. An avid traveler, Avery has visited eight countries on three continents since 2018. He is a graduate of Sacramento State University where he obtained a BA Degree in Economics with a minor in Communications in 2018. He has studied in Sydney, Australia, and interned at Kglobal, a public relations firm in Washington DC. He has extensive work experience in collegiate athletics, community activism, and public speaking. 

Brian spent over 20 years in Executive Sales Leadership positions with AT&T and Bank of America, where he coached and developed management personnel, while generating over 25 million dollars in sales revenue during his career. In 2018, he retired from corporate America and started his own company, Respectology. He is a certified social and emotional intelligence coach, a Trainthe-Trainer Facilitator, a 2015 TEDx presenter, and a Jr NBA/WNBA Coach of the Year recipient, one of only thirty coaches out of more than 50,000 in the United States and Canada. Brian is an alumnus of San Francisco State University.

Avery and Brian Baker Book - Love Wins: 5 Keys To Strengthen Your Relationships: A Parent-Child Perspective

Love Wins

A parent and child perspective

Achieving Positive Relationships one interaction At a Time

As father and son, Brian and Avery know firsthand the importance of maintaining strong, healthy relationships. But in a world driven by constant disruption and distraction, relationships can be severely challenged. Together, they deliver insightful and engaging presentations that inspire, empower and guide teams, leaders, and school communities to achieve longlasting professional and personal relationships. As dynamic motivational speakers, the Avery and Brian Experience is truly a unique approach to relationship empowerment.