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The Avery and Brian Experience

Avery and Brian are dynamic motivational speakers
who help organizations, teams, and individuals 
re-imagine one of the most important aspects of
success: Relationships.

Avery and Brian at a personal development workshop
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A Life-Changing Motivational Experience

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Old Eyes, New Glasses is a podcast dedicated to Real Family Conversations, about Real Family Issues, leading to Real Family Solutions. 

Avery and Brian Baker Book - Love Wins: 5 Keys To Strengthen Your Relationships: A Parent-Child Perspective

A parent and child perspective

Love Wins

Avery and Brian Baker created Love Wins as a roadmap to help you succeed in doing just that. As father and son, they’ve gone from the peril of an unhealthy relationship to becoming top motivational keynote speakers, speaking together about strengthening relationships. The 5 Keys they outline in Love Wins provide readers with the tools to create, grow, or repair any relationship.  

Life is About Relationships

How we manage our relationships determines our success. Unfortunately, negative relationships can derail our path. The Avery and Brian Experience provides a unique, multi-generational approach to relationship empowerment. Brian and his son, Avery, will expertly show you why:

● Open conversations create bridges of understanding

● Building trust is the foundation in all of our relationships

● Multi-generational collaboration is crucial in today’s work environment 

If you need speakers that will have an impact long after your event is over… 

Book the Avery and Brian Experience as your next guest speaker! 

Avery and Brian are standing in happy mood in a garden