1.  Avery and Brian inspire: Audiences describe their talks as “life changing”, “thought-provoking”, “refreshingly real”, “hilarious” and “captivating”. No other speakers on the circuit discuss family engagement and empowerment in such a candid straight forward manner. Attendees have been known to laugh, cry, express gratitude and even ask if Avery could go home with them. No room is the same after and hearing Avery and Brian speak.

2. Avery and Brian care about people: Avery and Brian started this project because many families are hurting and are in need of encouraging and engaging stories from ordinary people just like themselves. Each talk concludes with a Q&A session so they can interact with attendees as much as possible. (travel requirements permitting).

3. Avery and Brian empower: Audience members leave their talks feeling invigorated by the relationship they witness on stage. Avery and Brian’s presentations provide attendees with practical tools and a roadmap to feel empowered in their personal family relationships.

4. Avery and Brian uplift: Negativity has become common place in our society on a daily basis. Avery and Brian’s talks are giving audiences hope and encouragement. By showing people how to forgive, how to agree to disagree and how to put in the work, attendees realize things always have a chance to be better.

5. Avery and Brian are relatable:  While most speakers tell families what they need to do, Avery and Brian show them what they actually did and why it works. Combining storytelling, a touch of humor, and emotional intelligence they discuss issues in a straight forward refreshing manner that audience members can’t help but relate to.