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A four-part series on social and emotional intelligence

One of the things COVID-19 has revealed to organizations is people in the workplace need to learn how to monitor their emotions and the emotions of others to better manage their relationships. The best way to do that is by becoming more socially and emotionally intelligent.

Research has demonstrated that people with strong social and emotional intelligence are healthier, more productive, and have more positive relationships with co-workers.


Here’s the beautiful part, social and emotional intelligence can be learned!

Our virtual workshop on creating a social and emotional intelligent workplace will completely transform your team’s perspective on the importance of self-awareness, self-management, awareness of others and relationship management. 

Studies have shown that our success at work and in life can be influenced far more by our social and emotional intelligence (SEI) than by your cognitive intelligence (IQ)

The program is created for leaders, managers and individual contributors. 

They will learn: 

  • How to become more aware of their own emotions in the moment as well as those of others, and use that information to manage your behavioral responses more productively.
  • How to become more resilient, intentional and make better decisions at work, and life
  • How to enhance their personal power, self-confidence, and positivity
  • How to strengthen their communication and interpersonal skills
  • What their strengths and potential vulnerabilities are in the area of social and emotional intelligence work

How the program works

The program is designed to be delivered in four 90-minute sessions. Each session focuses on one pillar of The Four-Quadrant Model of SEI (see above). Participants will receive workbooks on self-awareness and resilience, worksheets, reflection exercises, journal exercises and access to additional resources to continue their developmental process.

Program length can be customized to fit your organizational needs.

Session 1 focuses on the importance of self-awareness and the role it plays in one’s personal and professional development. Competencies to be explored:

  • Personal Power
  • Emotion Awareness
  • Accurate Self-Assessment

Session 3 focuses on social awareness.  This session examines the ability to be curious about the needs, feelings and concerns of others while seeking understanding. Competencies to be explored:

  • Empathy
  • Service Orientation
  • Situational Awareness

Session 2 focuses on self-management. Self-Management is the ability to manage one’s own behaviors, emotions and impulses, in healthy ways. Competencies to be explored:

  • Resilience
  • Behavior Self Awareness
  • Realistic Optimism

Session 4 focuses on relationship management.  This session covers the ability to become adept at inducing desirable responses from other people. Competencies to be explored:

  • Communication (Listening)
  • Building Trust
  • Teamwork and Collaboration

The Business Case for Social and Emotional Intelligence 

A great deal of solid, scientific research over the past few years has proven the benefits of bringing social and emotional intelligence into the workplace.  The return on investment (ROI) for SEI programs has been proven again and again in multiple organizations

  • At Pepsi, SEI programs generated a 10% increase in productivity, an 87% decrease in executive turnover (saving $4 million), and had over a 1000% ROI.
  • MetLife’s SEI programs with selected groups resulted in SEI trained and coached sales people outselling their control group counterparts by 37%.
  • At L’Oreal, SEI programs brought in $2.5 million more in sales in the first year.
  • At Sheraton, SEI programs helped increase market share by 24%.
  • The U.S. Air Force reduced turnover among military recruiters from 50% to just 4% in one year, saving the federal government over $3 million in the first year of the program.

Individual benefits are even more stunning. Research indicates the following statistics for leaders, executives, managers, and, individual contributors:

  • 80-90% of the competencies that differentiate top performance are in the domain of emotional intelligence (Daniel Goleman, Working with Emotional Intelligence, 1998)
  • In the fields I have studied, emotional intelligence is much more powerful than IQ in determining who emerges as a leader (Warren Bennis, Researcher, Thought Leader and Author of the international bestselling book, Becoming A Leader)
  • Leaders with higher SEI produce more powerful business results and greater profitability (Steven Stein in Emotional Intelligence of Leaders: A Profile of Top Executives, Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 2009)

"The Brian and Avery Experience was amazing! Their information was insightful, practical, and inspirational. Their presentation was engaging and transparent. Their session was definitely one that had to be experienced because it is difficult to find the words to do it justice!"

- Virtual Session Attendee, November 2020

“The Avery and Brian Experience was so easy to relate to. The respect they have for each other demonstrates the principles they are encouraging others to adapt. They are engaging, lighthearted, and fantastic storytellers. I definitely recommend them for team building sessions”

- Virtual Session Attendee, September 2020

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