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"The Brian and Avery Experience was amazing! Their information was insightful, practical, and inspirational. Their presentation was engaging and transparent. Their session was definitely one that had to be experienced because it is difficult to find the words to do it justice!"

- Virtual Session Attendee, June 2020

“The Avery and Brian Experience was so easy to relate to. The respect they have for each other demonstrates the principles they are encouraging others to adapt. They are engaging, lighthearted, and fantastic storytellers. I definitely recommend them for team building sessions”

- Virtual Session Attendee, September 2020

Virtual Presentations

The Emotionally-Intelligent Workplace

Avery and Brian’s virtual sessions on social and emotional intelligence in the workplace will completely transform your team’s perspective towards relationship management, performance results, and client services. 

Studies have shown that your success at work and in life can be influenced far more by your social and emotional intelligence (SEQ) than by your cognitive intelligence (IQ).

This session is created for leaders and teams to:

  • Develop the 3 keys to effective relationship management: open communication, building trust and inspirational leadership
  • Learn the secrets to exceptional self-management: personal power, resilience, agility and behavior self-control
  • Discover the road to superior service: self-awareness, integrity and empathy

All sessions for your teams are customizable in content and length in order to make sure your organization’s goals and objectives are exceeded.

A College Student’s Guide to Workplace Success

In 2018, Bloomberg Next released a study titled “Building Tomorrow’s Talent: Collaboration Can Close Emerging Skills Gap”. The study revealed that corporations and academic institutions alike believe that recent college graduates lacked certain soft skills needed in the workplace to be successful. Employers are now more interested in a graduate’s interpersonal communication and collaboration skills than their GPA.

In this session Avery and Brian will provide the keys to unlocking the secrets of self-awareness and relationship management, in order to navigate the corporate workspace and dictate your path to success.

Brian is a certified social and emotional intelligence coach. He spent 25 years in executive leadership positions with AT&T and Bank of America where he hired, coached, and led teams of people to success.

Avery is a soft skills expert. Only 24 years old, he has worked in collegiate athletics, public relations, and politics. While in college, he spent time studying and working in Sydney, Australia and Washington, D.C. Upon graduating in 2018 with a BS degree in Economics, he decided to use his soft skills expertise to launch a business.

5 Keys to Strengthen Your Family Relationships

Relationships are the cornerstone of life! Learn the 5 keys that will make your family relationships the best they’ve ever been. Avery and Brian are the foremost experts on family relationships. Most speakers tell audiences what they need to do to have good family relationships, Avery and Brian show audiences what they actually did and why it can work for them.

This is the most refreshing, relatable and relevant discussion in the country on family empowerment. You have never seen anything like this. You will laugh, learn and maybe even cry as you hear how open conversations, building trust, setting expectations, conflict resolution and emotion intelligence will take your family to the next level. You will not be the same after seeing the talk.

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