Creating Game-Changing Workplace Relationships

When you stop to think about it, we spend far more time with our work family then with our own family. Why not make the workplace actually feel like home? Avery and Brian share their insights on how to create work relationships that truly reflect family principles. Brian spent 25 years in executive leadership positions with AT&T and Bank of America where he built relationships and led teams of people to success. He knows from experience the foundation of all successful organizations begins with good communication, trustworthiness and the ability to collaborate effectively, all of which leads to healthy workplace relationships.

Avery is also quite adept at relationship building. Only 23 years old, he has worked for a college athletic director, public relations firm, and Sacramento City Councilwoman. In addition, he’s lived in Sydney Australia, Washington DC and has traveled to 8 countries on 3 continents in the last 2 years. He’s been able forge meaningful relationships with people all over the globe and he’s ready to share with you how he’s done it. Your audience will dig this unique generational perspective on relationships at work, home and in life; it’s a real game changer.

Soft Skills Aren’t Hard – A College Student’s Guide to Workplace Success

In 2018, Bloomberg Next released a study titled “Building Tomorrow’s Talent: Collaboration Can Close Emerging Skills Gap”. The study revealed that corporations and academic institutions alike believe that recent college graduates lacked certain soft-skills needed in the workplace to be successful. Employers are now more interested in a graduate’s interpersonal communication and collaboration skills then their GPA.

Avery and Brian teach college students how to step up their soft skills game as they explain why it’s so important to increase self-awareness, personal agility, resilience and the ability to manage relationships in the workplace. Soft skills not only impact the ability get a job, but they are crucial to advancing on the job, obtaining leadership roles and salary increases.

5 Keys to Strengthen Your Family Relationships

Relationships are the cornerstone of life! Learn the 5 keys that will make your family relationships the best they’ve ever been. Avery and Brian are the foremost experts on family relationships. Most speakers tell audiences what they need to do to have good family relationships, Avery and Brian show audiences what they actually did and why it can work for them.

This is the most refreshing, relatable and relevant discussion in the country on family empowerment. You have never seen anything like this. You will laugh, learn and maybe even cry as you hear how open conversations, building trust, setting expectations, conflict resolution and emotion intelligence will take your family to the next level. You will not be the same after seeing the talk.

One of a kind Inspirational Speakers

Before Avery and Brian Baker began helping people have conversations that matter, they had their share of obstacles to overcome in their relationships. Between the ages of 11 and 13, Avery watched his dad struggle to deal with the death of his grandfather, father, brother and grandmother, all within a 23-month period. Their once rock-solid relationship became increasingly strained and challenged as Avery entered high school, just when he needed his father the most.

Their story teaches audiences that no matter what happens in your relationship, if you’re willing to agree to disagree, willing to forgive and willing to put in the work, things can always get better.

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