Meet Avery & Brian Baker

Avery and Brian Baker are inspirational speakers, workshop facilitators, and podcasters. Their first book, Conversations that Matter: 5 Keys to Empower Your Family is due out in July 2019.

As one of the few father and son speaking duos in America, they demonstrate to audiences how effective family engagement at home can lead to effective family engagement at school.

After being urged for several years by family, friends, and colleagues to tell the story of how they’ve created such an extraordinary relationship, Avery and Brian began developing a talk for public consumption. They subsequently invited members of the public, educators, community organizers, families, corporate citizens and students to several presentations seeking feedback and evaluation. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive and now they are being hired to speak to audiences on the West Coast.

Born into a family of educators, Avery and Brian realize the many challenges families and schools encounter every day and their goal is to help families have conversations that matter for the betterment of children. If you would like to bring this unique presentation and Q & A session to the families in your school community, do not hesitate to contact us.