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Inspirational Leadership in Difficult Times

Motivating Your Team Through Difficult Times

During difficult times, the most damage to an organization often comes from low spirits. People look to their leaders for the inspiration and encouragement to navigate challenging circumstances.

Do you feel confident that your leaders are prepared for this task?

This keynote is optimal for frontline and middle management leaders who are:

  • Supervising teams struggling with productivity and low morale
  • In need of tools to galvanize their teams around a shared vision
  • Dealing with a lack of engagement and commitment from their employees

Participants will leave this virtual experience with the Four Keys to Inspirational Leadership:

  • Resilience – Knowing how to cope with setbacks, barriers, and limited resources
  • Connection – Always better to work together
  • Empathy – Foster greater commitment and effort from your tribe
  • Transparency – Open conversations lead to bridges of understanding

This keynote serves as a reminder to all leaders—in the words of the Broadway musical, Hamilton— “history has its eyes on you.”

Keynote (All keynotes are customizable)

The Power of You: Kicking Life’s Ass

An Honest Assessment of Where Success Begins and Failure Ends

Many researchers are acknowledging Self-Awareness and personal power are the most important aspects of your professional and personal growth. Personal power is the self-confidence to live your truth sincerely, assertively, and appropriately. One way to gauge your sense of self-awareness is to simply ask the question: Who am I?

Take 60 seconds and answer this question. Are you surprised by the person you describe?

This Keynote is optimal for Leaders, Teams and Individual Contributors who are:

  • Tasked with successfully exceeding department targets, quotas, or goals
  • Ambassadors for the organization with customer facing reasonability
  • Striving for career advancement opportunities

Participants will leave this virtual experience with:

  • 3 ways to immediately begin the journey of self-awareness
  • An understanding of the role that self-awareness plays in their success
  • Keys to maximize career opportunities
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Workshop  (Workshop is customizable.) 

Work Better Together: Boost Your Team’s Workplace Relationships

In difficult times, one of the most important things leaders and organizations should focus on to ensure success in their business is Developing Trusting Relationships.

Research shows that the establishment of trustworthy relationships in the workplace make companies perform better over time, often outperforming companies who do not focus on developing a culture of trust.

Moreover, 69% of workers say the coronavirus pandemic is the most stressful time of their entire professional career, thus making trusting work relationships even more essential, particularly as more teams are working remotely.

This virtual workshop is not only interactive, engaging and entertaining, but it delves into some of the core values of society that are often mentioned but rarely put into practice:

  • Trust
  • Active Listening
  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Service to others
  • Empathy
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness



“Thank you, thank you thank you!  Your [virtual] presentation on workplace relationships was just what we needed.  We received such great feedback from employees that don’t usually attend training or conference opportunities and they are asking for more. We look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Tamara Neely
Director, Classified Development
Fresno Unified School District

“We definitely recommend The Avery and Brian Experience to anyone looking to motivate staff and/or parents.  Now, more than ever, we need to promote positive relationships and encouragement to navigate these difficult times. Their content is relatable, funny, and their sessions highly engaging. Watching this Son and Father duo interact with one another is equally inspiring and fun. Your staff will love their sessions—we invited them once and booked a follow-up session due to overwhelming requests for a second one!”

Elva Delina
Director & Education Manager
Illinois Migrant and Seasonal Head Start

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