Parental Involvement in a Child’s Education

Parental Involvement in a Child’s Education

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Children need a good education, so they can learn about the world and their place in it. As they grow, they’ll need important life skills, as well. The household culture they grow up in plays a significant role in the kinds of skills they learn, as well as the relationship building and family engagement they experience.

Life Skills Are Taught Mostly at Home

While there are plenty of things children learn as part of their formal education, life skills are mostly something they learn and practice at home. Trust, listening, empathy, and integrity come from the household culture they grow up with. That culture shapes their self-awareness, as well as the social and emotional intelligence they develop.

Without strong family engagement and a household culture that teaches life skills, children may have a good education but struggle on a social level. They may also have trouble meshing their school-based education with the life-based education they need to handle things like bills, chores, and related activities.

The Value of Family Engagement and Education

When there is strong family engagement in a child’s education, their life skills and household culture mix with the opportunities and information they get at school. Parents and other family members who encourage education help their children flourish, explore their world, and learn about the things that interest them the most.

When a family shows children that both formal education and life skills are valuable for the future, children grow up understanding that there are many facets to education and experience. These children also learn that their emotional and social intelligence is just as important as their IQ, and that traits like empathy and compassion are extremely valuable.

An engaged family is one that works together and develops a household culture around all the ways they can help their children excel. They show how trust and care help people bond, and teach their children that everyone is capable of being kind to others and the world around them. Children who learn those traits will take them into the world for others to experience, as well.


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