Avery and Brian Baker are ordinary people who happen to have an extraordinary relationship as father and son….and now as friends. In 2017, they began showing families how to have conversations that matter by creating talks about family engagement and empowerment. Audiences have described them as “refreshingly real”, “hilarious” and “captivating”. While most speakers tell people what they should do, Avery and Brian show people what they did and why it works.

Brian spent 25 years in Corporate America as a Regional Sales Director, Program Director-Partnerships, Area Manager- Customer Experience, and Corporate Trainer with Bank of America and AT&T, before retiring to launch his company Respectology. He has been a professional speaker for over 10 years, a TED talk presenter, and certified coach in the area of social and emotional intelligence. He and Avery are currently finishing their upcoming book Conversations that Matter: 5 Keys to Empower Your Family due out in April 2019.

Avery is a 2018 graduate of Sacramento State University where he received his Degree in Economics.   He will be pursuing his MBA beginning in 2020. His journey as a young adult has been rather remarkable. He has studied in Sydney Australia, interned in Washington DC, worked as a paid staffer on several political campaigns, blogged for a public affairs firm and written content for Sacramento State University’s Athletic Department.