7 Tips for Raising Children to be Successful

Every parent wants to raise children that go on to be happy and successful. As a parent, there is a lot you can teach your child that will help them to thrive throughout their life. Here’s the key, start early. Once negative beliefs and poor habits are established, they’re tough to extinguish. For example, anyone […]

Leader or Boss. Which One Are You?

Do you consider yourself a leader or a boss? This question doesn’t just apply to the workplace, it also refers to your home and personal relationships. Do you lead people or just tell them what you want done without any consideration or explanation? Do you encourage, coach and develop your team, or do you use […]

Do You Have an Abundance or Scarcity Mindset?

How you view the world can affect the opportunities you see, your expectations, and ultimately your results. You can choose to see the world as a place of abundance or a place of scarcity. One is certainly more optimistic than the other! Your view of the world is very different if you choose one over […]

Episode 9

Today, we have a conversation about our own experiences with therapy. This year continues to present new challenges, yet new opportunities for growth and development. Therapy is one step on the journey of self-exploration.

Episode 8

Today, we discuss some coping mechanisms we’ve used over the course of 2020. Like many others, we have run into the proverbial “wall”, for a variety of reasons. Hear some of the ways we’ve been able to bounce back.

Episode 7

Today, we discuss the relationship between self-love and resilience. As the year 2020 has shown us, resilience is necessary in life. How do you obtain it? Furthermore, how does one ensure they remain resilient through tough times?

Episode 6

Today, we talk about Social and Emotional Intelligence. From the root definition to real stories exemplifying how S+EI shows up in our day-to-day lives. They also highlight the numerous benefits of becoming emotionally intelligent.

Episode 5

Today, we delve into the power of relationships within our individual and collective lives. From stories about horrible bosses, friends from across the globe, to lessons from 30 years of marriage, they cover it all.

Episode 4

Today, we unwrap the aftermath of the George Floyd killing. Was this moment THE straw that finally broke the camel’s back? Will police brutality truly be addressed in this country and action be taken against the police? And can we promise that justice will rightfully be served?

Episode 3

Today, we revisit one of our previously written blogs titled, “A Parent’s Guide to Creating Quality Time”. In the blog, we share tips on creating quality time within the family unit. On this episode, we take a deeper look into why spending quality time is so important for any relationship to thrive.