Family is our top priority. How do you show your family you love them? Instead of waiting for a special occasion, create daily habits that strengthen the bonds in your family unit.

Spend time with family and enjoy a meal together. Sitting down with one another can lead to happier and healthier relationships. Share meaningful conversation during this breaking of bread and listen to what they have to say.

Begin to surprise your family. Sometimes, small pleasures have more impact when they are unexpected.

It is important to express appreciation to loved ones. Letting your family know that you value them enriches your life and theirs.

Sharing encouragement and using positive communication in your home can aid each other during hard times. Showing support with thoughtful gestures will lift the spirits of your loved ones.

Demonstrate your affection by embracing your children at least once a day and kissing your spouse/significant other goodbye. Emphasize the intention to have a positive day with your family.

Take care of yourself. Attending to your needs gives you more strength to care for your family. When you make positive choices, you become a finer role model for those you love.

Beginning today, connect with your family by showing them love and appreciation. Cherish each moment you spend with them and don’t take anything for granted.


  1. What are 3 things you want to thank your family for?
  2. How can you stay connected with family members who live far away?
  3. How do you combine discipline with love for your children?